About Us

August 5th, 2021

Memorial Plastic Surgery DoctorsAt Memorial Plastic Surgery, we make it our top goal to give women complete satisfaction with their chosen breast reconstruction procedure. Our team is committed to helping our patients regain their self-confidence by rebuilding their breasts post-mastectomy.

Our Doctors

    • Dr. Patrick Hsu

      Dr. Patrick Hsu is a board-certified reconstructive surgeon and the founder of Memorial Plastic Surgery. He has been in practice for more than a decade, specializing in the reconstructive surgery of the breast. Learn more about Dr. Hsu’s credentials.

    • Dr. Kendall Roehl

      Dr. Kendall Roehl is a board-certified reconstructive surgeon and the head of Memorial Plastic Surgery Clear Lake. She specializes in breast reconstruction, dedicating years of training and practice to build her expertise in the field. Click here to know more about Dr. Roehl.


Our offices are conveniently located at two of the state’s central cities – Houston and Clear Lake. Visit this page for specific instructions on how to get to our offices. Consult with our team to know your breast reconstruction options. Request an online consultation here. You can also contact our Houston office at +(713) 633-4411 or our Clear Lake branch at +(713) 609-9335.