Breast Cancer Awareness

We, at Memorial Breast Reconstruction led by Dr. Patrick Hsu and Dr. Kendall Roehl, have always had a special interest in women with breast cancer. After a mastectomy or sometimes a lumpectomy, a woman finds it harder to feel like her normal, healthy self again. It’s perfectly understandable. After all, it’s not every day that a part of the body is taken out and left hollow. Even when done with the best intention, it is a procedure that can be physically and emotionally harrowing.

Here at Memorial, breast cancer patients are given the chance to look and feel like their former healthy selves again, whether their bout with cancer is ongoing or has recently ended. Together with your trusted breast cancer surgeon, a reconstruction surgeon – such as Dr. Hsu and Dr. Roehl – presents breast reconstruction options to fit your existing medical condition and personal preferences.


With plastic surgery experience spanning over a decade, Dr. Hsu is considered one of the premier breast reconstruction specialists in Houston, Texas. After his fellowship in Plastic Surgery at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson, he dedicated another year to a fellowship in Microsurgery at the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center. While there, Dr. Hsu trained in all aspects of reconstructive surgery with a significant emphasis on the latest breast reconstruction techniques, including DIEP and SIEA flaps.


Similar to Dr. Hsu, Dr. Roehl is also recognized as a top reconstructive surgeon in Houston. She finished her fellowship in Microsurgical Reconstructive Surgery at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center. There she discovered her passion in helping women restore their chest area after breast cancer treatments – ultimately through learning many different breast reconstruction techniques.


Aside from reconstruction, listed below are links to articles on just about every breast cancer concern ranging from breast screening options to the multidisciplinary approach and care of patients. Whether you’re currently battling the disease or know of a family member or friend who is, let the following articles be your guide towards better breast cancer awareness. Contact us today to setup a free consultation. Contact us today to setup a free consultation.

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