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58 yo mother of two daughters was diagnosed with left infiltrating ductal carcinoma. She is a housewife and helps her husband with their family-owned business. In the past, she had very large breasts and had a breast reduction. She also had lost a significant amount of weight after weightloss surgery, so she opted to reconstruct her breasts with her own tissue to get the benefit of a better looking tummy similar to the tummy tuck she had always desired. She underwent bilateral mastectomies with immediate DIEP flaps. She had two revision surgeries to improve her breast shape and her size was increased with implants under her DIEP flaps. She went on to get nipple reconstruction and 3D tattoos. She is so happy with her very natural,voluptuous reconstruction and her improved tummy tuck abdomen.

Surgery 1

Her first surgery was to remove both of her breasts and her nipples and areolas. At the same time, her abdominal tissue was transplanted to her chest to become her new breasts. This gave her the initial stages of her tummy tuck and reconstructed breasts.

Surgery 2

In this surgery, she had 350cc implants placed below her reconstructions in order to make her bigger and return her to her preoperative bra size. We also liposuctioned fat from her abdomen and thighs to graft to her upper breast reconstructions to improve their shape and contour. In this operation, we also performed her nipple reconstruction with C-V flaps.

Surgery 3

She underwent one additional revision to improve the fold under her left breast and to soften some areas of the upper inner aspect of her left reconstructed breast. Lastly, she underwent 3D areolar tattoo in our Memorial City office. This completed her reconstruction and gave her a beautiful result. She is elated with her body\\\\\\\'s image and her results. She has returned to all of her physical activies and is living life to it\\\\\\\'s fullest with her husband and grandchildren.

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