Where to Eat in Houston

September 27th, 2021

Your trip to Houston would not be complete without tasting the diverse flavors the city has to offer. We made a list of some of the restaurants and diners around town that serve the best Houstonian dishes and delicacies.

  • Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q
    Having been in the restaurant scene for over 35 years, Goode Co takes pride in serving the tastiest dishes embodying the Texas culture. Family-owned and operated, the taste of Texas is deeply embedded in their steaks and barbecues. Their Great BBQ Brisket Sandwich is easily a crowd favorite, but their must-try dish is their succulent BBQ Ribs and pecan pie.

  • Churrascos
    Enjoy the authentic flavors of the South with Churrascos Steaks and Seafood. Located in 5 of Houston’s most accessible spots, Houstonians hold the 30-year old restaurant dear to their hearts and tummies. Their signature dish, The Churrasco, is a chargrilled chimichurri-marinated center-cut beef tenderloin served with fingerling potato and grilled vegetables.

  • Da Marco Cucina E Vino
    Considered as one of the best Italian restaurants in Houston, Da Marco Cucina E Vino constantly receives the highest food rating according to Houston Press. With their extensive menu, some of the more unique varieties of fish (Italian sea bass, etc.) are jet-flown from Italy. Two of their bestseller dishes are their delicate panna cotta and their black truffle pasta.

  • B&B Butchers & Restaurant
    While relatively new, B&B Butchers quickly grew to the taste of many Houstonians because of the unique twists the steakhouse brings to the classic steak menu. They only serve superior meats, all cut fresh daily at The Butcher Shop. You should not miss their classic Châteaubriand for two and their 28-ounce Double Sirloin.

  • Oxheart Houston
    Oxheart Houston is perfect for adventurous veggie-lovers who are up for creative ways of cooking vegetable-centric dishes. Situated in an intimate location, the industrial atmosphere of the restaurant completes a dining experience like no other. You and your family should try the jewel dumplings served in light citrus and tea broth, one of their many bestsellers.

  • Phoenicia Specialty Foods
    If you are looking for an adventure in assortment in spices, garnish, and meat, then Phoenicia Specialty Foods is suited for you! This international food market and restaurant offers 15,000 products from more than 50 countries around the world. Their in-market bakery and restaurant have an extensive salad bar and an endless selection of pastries, ready-made options, flatbreads, shawarmas, platters, and more.

  • Kenny and Ziggy’s New York Deli
    Known as an old-school New York deli, Kenny and Ziggy’s captured the hearts of Houstonians with its huge portions of everything – from pastrami sandwiches to fluffy pancakes. Fresh and flavorful, their menu is a long list of pastrami, corned beef, and matzo balls. A must-try is their turkey pastrami and their Fiddler on the Roof of Your Mouth, a triple-decker corned beef and pastrami with Russian dressing and coleslaw.

  • Peli Peli
    One of the multi-awarded restaurants in Houston, Peli Peli is a classic choice of many Houstonians when it comes to dining. Aside from the cozy atmosphere and the good service, customers keep coming back to the resto for their special Peli Peli Bacon Wrapped Chicken, a guava basted chicken wrapped in layers of bacon with sweet chili sauce.

  • Caracol Coastal Mexican Restaurant
    If you are craving for good and fresh seafood, Caracol Coastal Mexican Restaurant should be your next stop. Their menu is a trip to the coastal culture of Mexico, serving the best of fish, scallops, tuna, oysters, shrimps, and many more. A must-try dish is their Tacos de Camaron con Tortillas de Nopal or shrimp tacos with cactus-flavored tortillas served with beans and other crunchy garnishes.

  • Benjy’s
    For something uniquely Houston, Benjy’s is the perfect choice of restaurant for you and your family. Serving New American dishes with a Houstonian twist, Benjy’s is a go-to for brunch. Many favor their sumptuous steak and eggs, but their shrimp and grits is a must-try as well.