Breast Reconstruction Alabama

July 31st, 2017

Breast reconstruction is important for many women who want to restore their breasts after a mastectomy. DIEP Flap is one of the most popular breast reconstruction techniques which makes use of skin and fat found in the abdomen to rebuild breast mounds.

Do you want to undergo DIEP Flap reconstruction in Alabama but you don’t know where to start? Not every state can house the best performing DIEP flap surgeons. Memorial Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Hsu and Dr. Roehl are all highly skilled board-certified surgeons who use only the safest breast reconstruction techniques. Entrust your breast reconstruction with us for the best possible results!

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DIEP Flap Alabama

DIEP Flap is known to be one of the most complex breast reconstruction techniques. Still, many women decide to undergo the procedure because of the benefits that come with it. It is only appropriate to pick a trusted, highly experienced DIEP Flap surgeon for your procedure. Choose to travel from Alabama to Memorial Plastic Surgery and we’ll make sure that your DIEP Flap procedure is as rewarding and satisfying as possible.

Traveling From Alabama

Houston is a 9-hour drive from Alabama. Your best option is to stay overnight to get plenty of time to relax, but you can also choose to go for a short day trip instead.

Alabama, TX, USA to Memorial Plastic Surgery - Google Maps

  • By Car
    If you are from around Birmingham or Huntsville, the best route to take is I-59 S and I-10 W which will take you 10-11 hours to reach Houston. For those coming from Montgomery, a 9-hour drive via I-65 S and I-10 W is the shortest route to get to Houston.
  • By Plane
    Taking an airplane from Alabama to Houston can take a little under 2 hours with the airfare at around $360-$400 during non-peak seasons. Once you reach the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), you can easily visit our offices with a short 30-minute drive.
  • By Train
    Amtrak’s Crescent train services Birmingham Station (BHM) to Houston Station (HOS). This train ride can last for 19 hours for the price of $380-$400.

Rent a Car

If you ever need a car for your trip, here are some car rentals approved by Clinton International Airport:

Local Driving Directions to Memorial Plastic Surgery

Once you reach Houston, it will be relatively easy for you to reach any of our branches. Located in the heart of Houston, our offices are made accessible to patients coming from any parts of the country. Click here to view your preferred office for specific directions.

Where to Stay

Considered as one of the premier hotels in the area, The Westin Houston Memorial City is located adjacent to the hospital and offers contemporary, stylish rooms with a fantastic view of the bustling city. A booking gives guest free and full access to their infinity pool, fitness studio, lounge, and hotel bistro and café. A 2-minute walk from our office, Memorial Plastic Surgery has long established a partnership with The Westin, so guests can expect only the best treatment from the 4-star hotel’s staff.

What to Do

Maximize your overnight stay with us by visiting some of Houston’s most famous tourist spots. Enjoy your trip with your family by going to any of the following well-loved places. Click here for our full recommendations.

Where to Eat

Get to try some of Houston’s most sumptuous dishes and delicacies during your stay with us. We made a list of the best diners and restaurants you can enjoy before you leave the city. View our recommendations here.

Get Started Today

Making the trip to Houston from Alabama is a small sacrifice for receiving world-class procedure and aftercare with Memorial Plastic Surgery. Schedule your visit with us by calling us at +(713) 633-4411 or at +(713) 609-9335 or by messaging us here.